Design and Construction of Fertilizer Industrial Manufacturing Plants

Design and Implementation of “Turnkey” Process Lines for Fertilizers

Fertilizers contain the essential nutrients required to feed plants. They are essential to life on the planet, and never more so than today, when the world‘s population is growing exponentially and the amount of arable land available for crop production is constantly diminishing.

Storing and efficiently producing fertilizers in all forms presents a range of operational challenges. Tackling these challenges is essential to ensure that the world continues to have a reliable supply of quality fertilizers to support the production of sufficient agricultural products needed to sustain human life.

At EtDInox Industries, we develop solutions for the fertilizer industry, based on the design and manufacture of various stainless steel tanks and reactors for the proper storage and mixing of the different chemical inputs required, as well as the basic elements of the nutritional raw materials required for the production of fertilizers.

These inputs contribute to production efficiency, product quality, economic viability, as well as workplace safety and environmental protection. We likewise offer the complete solution in terms of pumping stations calculation, pipes, valves, dosing from IBCs and, all the necessary instrumentation for automation and plant control.

Finally, we have the professionals in terms of assembly and installation to make the assembly and field works of all elements for correct functionality.

Fertilizer Industrial Processing Plants

Save Resources, Optimize Times and Boost your Production and Profitability

Increase performance

We design our equipment and facilities to achieve the maximum production required

Cost reduction

We carry out the calculations and analyses to optimize the energy consumption of your installation as well as the auxiliary means in the execution of your projects.

Specialized Technical Support

Our work team interacts directly with you in the field to carry out the optimal development for your company.

Comfort for Our Clients

We are the only interlocutor to coordinate all the work in design execution and solve your problems.

Quality and Finishes

Thanks to our technical means, collaborators and specialized work team, we achieve the aesthetic finishes and qualities that your plant needs.

Pilot Plant for Pneumatic Transport

Our pilot plant makes us aware of your product to ensure the optimal result for pneumatic transport.

Phases of the Fertilizer Industrial Manufacture Process

We explain the main stages for the manufacture of fertilizer products

Initial Storage

Storage of raw materials depending on the characteristics of the product.

Driving and Dosing

Driving and dosing of raw materials from storage tanks to reactors.


Mix of majority and minority products.


Process automation through instrumentation control.

Teams involved in the Process


Warehouses for storage of raw materials


Installation of pipes


Installation of pumps.



Design, manufacture and installation of stairs and service platform.

Quality and Safety

Automated Control

Fully automated plant control for storage of raw materials and dosing quantities in time and precision

Precise and Safe Manufacturing

Calculation of pumps, pipes and pressure losses according to viscosities as well as calculations of equipment resistance to comply with UNE-EN 14015 design codes.

Construction Quality

Welding using ARC-TIG procedures with full penetration to comply with UNE-EN 14015 design codes.

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