Manufacturers of Industrial Chemical Reactor Tanks

We are specialized in the design and construction of Chemical Reactors.

Manufacturers of Industrial Stainless-Steel Reactors

ETDInox Industries, specialists in the design and manufacture of stainless-steel reactors..

We manufacture our reactors in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, fulfilling all the requirements established by both the directive and the required design code (UNE-EN 13445, AD-Merkblatter…).

We install the different cooling or heating systems, according to the characteristics of the process, analysing the temperatures of the product and the circulating fluid, to determine the necessary pressure exchange surface, heat-insulating accordingly to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

We polish welds at all points, achieving the specific roughness required by the application.

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of reactors focused on the most demanding industries such as food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Design and Manufacture of Industrial Stainless Steel Reactors. We are manufacturers

Maximum quality

We develop our products with the qualities, finishes and roughness required by the application, equipping them in the same way with the necessary heating or cooling system and heat-insulating the equipment.

Advanced technology

We use the most advanced simulation programs for the design of blade types, speeds and powers, to carry out homogenizations, thermal exchanges, mixtures, solutions, suspended solids…, providing the client in any case with the necessary technical support in terms of information on the depression process (times, diagrams, flows…).

Tailor-made solutions

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of agitator tanks focused on the most demanding industries such as food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Simulation of a Chemical Reactor

Simulation carried out by our partner in agitation with the ANSYS finite element program Product: liquid detergents with a viscosity of 1500 cPs and a density of 1200 kgs/m3 Tank volume: 3000 L.

Installations Made with Industrial Reactors

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How can I improve formulation processes in reactors and thus reduce my costs?

Optimizing agitation processes, since we not only save time, but we manage to use fewer raw materials for the realization of the same product that we were manufacturing until now, with the consequent economic savings.