Manuel Jiménez Honrubia


Manuel Jiménez has been passionate about TIG welding since adolescence, beginning his career as a welder at the age of 16 at the company Reinox SL in Villamalea.

In 2002 Manuel joined ETD INOX at the age of 20, starting as a base welder in the factory, performing the tasks of adjusting and welding all types of deposits.

Later he obtained the TIG Welding Technician homologation, homologated in 6G, in all positions and with double operator.

After 10 years of demonstrating fantastic performance he is promoted to Assembly Manager and goes onto successfully lead the on-site execution of engineering projects managing teams of ETD personnel together with subcontractors.

In this position he performs the tasks with absolutely excellent commitment, effort and technical ability.

After 18 years in the company in command of on-site construction management, Manuel represents a figure of much specific weight within EtD INOX, constituting a necessary value in the company.